About us

Founded in 2000, we exist because we believe every person and community should have their basic needs met and should not be stopped from thriving by inequality or injustice.

In a nutshell


Amigos’ holistic approach equips disadvantaged people and communities with the tools they need to become whole and thriving.

We operate three interlinking programmes, Kira Farm Development Centre, Sustainable Community Development and Family Sponsorship that support locally led development.


Amigos Programmes supporting locally led development

In every programme, the training combines education and practical skills, conflict resolution and growth mindset so people achieve maximum impact.

From training young Ugandans on Kira Farm Development Centre to partnering with churches in rural areas as part of our sustainable community development, Amigos is committed to investing in secure and hope-filled futures.

We are committed to our programmes being:

  • Sustainable, ensuring long term change
  • Delivered by Ugandans, supporting local communities
  • Monitored, with every project tracked and evaluated to ensure transparency, impact and success.
Kira Farm

Meet our teams

Teams in Uganda and the UK

At Amigos we run a tight ship with just five staff members (four of whom are part-time). We work through our Ugandan partner, Amigos Uganda, which is a registered NGO in Uganda. 

Our team in Uganda

Meet our Uganda Team
  • Robina Gloria Kyoshabire Sseruwagi
  • Titus Okello BA
  • Joshua Kizito
  • Mary Kizito
  • Joseph Sabiiti
  • Catherine Essanyu
  • Areebabyoona Kanyonyore
  • Maureen Josephine
  • Vincent Anguyo
  • Lydia Namirembe BA
  • Oliver Bukirwa BvocEd, NDCE - Building & Construction Trainer
  • Nantongo Mwajuma
  • Edward-Magembe-Carpentry-Trainer.
  • Peter Genza BA
  • Joshua Nsereko Dip
  • Isaiah Lubwana
  • William Ssekalembe
  • Olivia Bakko
  • David Ntege
  • Edward Batumba
  • Elizabeth Mugumya
  • Pastor Sam Mukabi Zema
  • Patrick Okonye
  • Peter Genza
  • Richard Kibuuka BA MA

Our team in the UK

Meet our UK Team
  • Tim Monger
  • Jodie McWhinnie
  • Michaela Squire
  • Kayte Potter
  • Steve Scoffield
  • Angus Thomson
  • Dolly Akinfa
  • Sian Campbell-Colquhoun
  • Matt Fox
  • Hikima Baah
  • Roger Bartlett

'The nearest borehole used to be 2km away and I would struggle to carry 20 litres of water on my head, in the burning sun, with my child on my back. I often fainted. My husband would shout at me whenever we ran short of water at home and I wanted a divorce. Since Amigos built a borehole there is peace in my home.'

Harriet, Masindi

Our Work

Unlock a brighter future

We have three main strands to our work: sustainable community development, Kira Farm Development Centre and family sponsorship.

Kira Farm

“I had the greatest time ever at Kira Farm. I went from nearly starving to death to having three big meals every day. I had never felt respected the way I did at Kira Farm, and the respect I received made me respect myself and others. For once in my life, I started to feel like I was important.”

Kira trainee