Family Sponsorship

Our unique family sponsorship programme is child sponsorship with a difference.  It does more than just help a child go to school – it provides training to the child’s caregiver too.

Sponsorship costs £18 per month

Supporting vulnerable families

A child will be supported with scholastics, a uniform and a lunch enabling them to attend school while their caregiver will join one of our Community Development Groups, where they will learn conservation farming and business skills. 

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100% of your donation goes towards supporting a child and their family to become self-sufficient.

your One to one relationship

Providing a ‘complete package’ means that over time families no longer rely on hand-outs but can support themselves.

At the end of the three-year period, families are self-sufficient; farmers have at least doubled crop yield and will be earning enough to feed their children, pay for medicine, send their children to school, and plan for a brighter future. 

Just three years of sponsorship means full tummies, educated children, happy families and stronger communities – forever. 

Sponsor a family today

How does Sponsorship make a difference?

Unlock a brighter future

Family Sponsorship helps children, families and communities in poverty unlock a brighter future. The impact of your support is far-reaching.

How it works

  • A photo of your sponsored child and their caregiver
  • A profile of your sponsored child
  • A handwritten letter from your sponsored child at least twice a year
  • The opportunity to give a financial gift at Christmas – any received will be pooled to ensure every child receives a gift
  • Once a year you will be sent a recent photo so you can see how your sponsored child is growing and developing with your support

Your one-to-one relationship with your sponsored family in Uganda means you will see first-hand how your donation makes a difference. If you’d like to, you can even fly out to Uganda and visit them.

For 60p a day you’ll help to transform the life of a family in Uganda, and the lives of people around them. The ripple effects of your kindness will be felt for many years to come.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Sponsoring a family through our local staff means we know what problems your sponsored family faces and what help they need. We aim to achieve as much as possible with every penny you give us.