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Supporting disadvantaged people to work their way out of poverty and thrive

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Amigos Worldwide works alongside people and communities in rural Uganda, inspiring sustainable change through vocational training, conservation farming, infrastructure development and supporting the most vulnerable.

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  • Land filled with Hope and 3,017 trees!

    Land filled with Hope and 3,017 trees!

    Alongside Jackson, in 2023 Amigos trained 300 farmers in the Kaliro district.  Between the farmers, a whopping 846,200 trees were planted over 172 acres of land!

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  • Life from the Ground up!

    The vast majority of children, in a country where 80% are subsistence farmers, will have seen parents or grandparents cultivating small plots of land and many of the children themselves will have helped by lifting the hand hoe.

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  • Sponsor a family

    Our unique family sponsorship programme is child sponsorship with a difference. It does more than just help a child go to school – it provides training to the child’s caregiver too.
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  • Kira Farm Development Centre

    Kira Farm Development Centre

    Kira Farm Development Centre occupies 22 acres of lush land in southern Uganda. Every year, 50 young people come to Kira Farm, where their lives are transformed.

    Sustainable Community Development

    Our unique community development programme is designed to equip entire communities with the skills, resources and infrastructure to create long-term, sustained change.

    Sponsor a Family

    Our unique family sponsorship programme is child sponsorship with a difference.  It does more than just help a child go to school – it provides training to the child’s caregiver too.

  • Fundraise for us

    Whether it’s on the top of your bucket list, you want to push your limits, or you just love sharing your skills and time with others, by fundraising for Amigos you will change lives and help to spread the word about the work that we do.
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    White Water Rafting
  • Become an ambassador

    Our Ambassadors champion Amigos in a range of ways, from fundraising to speaking to sharing about our work on social media.
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  • Leave a gift in your will

    By leaving a gift in your Will, you will be helping some of Uganda’s poorest work their own way out of poverty with dignity.
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“Amigos demonstrates excellent integrity and value for money in delivering its relevant, up-to-date and transformative programmes.” 

Christopher Sebatta
Makerere University, External Evaluator, September 2023
Decrease in women in the groups experiencing domestic violence
Rural Ugandans live without access to clean water
£ 0
Sponsor a Kira Farm Trainee for 1 year

Latest News and Events

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    T-Shirt Design Competition

    We would love for this design to really embody what we do here at Amigos. Take a deep dive into our website for inspiration!

    Kira Farm Online Event – 18th June

    Introducing…. Kira Farm Please join us online on Tuesday 18th June 7-8pm (UK time) to find out all about Kira Farm Development Centre.  This incredible place forms a huge part of the Amigos story and we can’t wait to share…

    Visit to Amigos Uganda

    This month, three members of the Amigos UK team, Tim, Jodie and Kayte, visited Uganda, spending time on Kira Farm Development Centre and visiting Masindi to see Amigos’ work partnering with local communities.

    Cooking Becomes Healthy

    Anna explains how the traditional household cooking method in Uganda is unhealthy and thankfully also how the energy saving stove solves the problem.

    Cooking Becomes Healthy

    The larger heart, the kindlier hand

    In the process of writing this article I’ve had cause to read through some of the Christmas broadcasts and I’ve been struck by the consistent simplicity of her message – be kind, love, and serve.  Every year she spoke of the…

    The larger heart, the kindlier hand

    Building Back Better

    On February 3rd 2005, the late and great Nelson Mandela gave a speech in London’s Trafalgar Square at the campaign to end poverty in the developing world. His words sounded a clarion call to rise to the task before us,…

    Building Back Better

    Make Farming History

    Here, part way through the agricultural season we hear from Beatrice who has been putting the conservation farming principles to work.

    No Meaning No Hope.

    George Finds his Place in Life and the Community Being unwanted or excluded is something that hits us hard in the core of our being. Our identity is damaged and our chances of succeeding in life are seriously diminished. We…

    Girls Deserve an Education. Period.

    For people living in poverty, in the developing world, where talking about periods is taboo and there is limited access to clean, running water and most people only possess one set of clothes, having a period is life limiting.