We empower Ugandans to bring about sustainable and lasting change through education, vocational training, conservation farming and clean water

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Breaking the cycle of poverty for children in Africa AND their family


Author: Peter Doherty

An update on Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people around the globe, in ways that many could not even have imagine.

Amigos - in a nutshell

Amigos’ holistic approach provides Ugandan communities with the tools they need to be self-sufficient.


Author: Rachel Lewis

Our impact


of young people in employment


lives changed in 2019


every farmer at least doubled their crop yields

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    When Anita came to Kira Farm, life seemed hopeless. Her dad had been murdered and the family’s land had been stolen; she and her family had nothing and they were afraid of what the future would bring. Today, Anita is earning a good living as a tailor and hairdresser and has passed her skills on to her sisters. Her story is one of hope, inspiration and determination. Read more

  • Girls Deserve an Education. Period.

    Nobody likes talking about periods, but for half of the world’s adult population, they are an unavoidable fact. Amigos Menstrual Hygiene Management Programme will help to get girls in school, all month long. Read more

  • What A Difference A Tree Makes

    We tend to take trees for granted, but they are a central part of life as we know it. Find out why trees are so important to our lives. Read more