We inspire Ugandans to bring about sustainable and lasting change through education, vocational training, conservation farming and clean water

Bees and Trees - Christmas Appeal 2023

Give a gift this Christmas to help Ugandans work towards a sustainable and vibrant future!


Author: Tim Monger

Target amount: £50,000.00

Amount raised: £21,320.99


There is a Buzz on Kira

Kira Farm Beekeeping is off to a great start!


Author: Tim Monger

Planting Trees Plants a Vibrant Future

Geofrey and his family have planted 3,880 trees and seen remarkable transformation. "Our home has been a role model in the community and they all come to learn from us."


Author: Kirsty Allen

Our impact


of young people in employment


lives changed in 2022


89% of farmers at least doubled their crop yields

Amigos demonstrates excellent integrity and value for money in delivering its relevant, up-to-date and transformative programmes.

(Christopher Sebatta, Makerere University – External Evaluator, September 2023)

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