At Amigos we run a tight ship with just four staff members (three of whom are part-time). We are fortunate to be blessed with a small army of highly skilled volunteers who keep our running costs low, ensuring maximum funds can be ploughed into our projects in Uganda.

We work out of a small office-space in Barnstaple, North Devon, and wherever possible we liaise with other organisations, businesses, schools and churches.



Tim has a background in scientific research, church ministry and church-based community development. He is passionate about seeing communities experience a vibrant transformation, which touches the various aspects of life in an interconnected way, and brings life and hope. He was a missionary in Africa for 10 years and coordinated the work of a cross-cultural team, partnering with churches to enable their ministry among disadvantaged communities. Tim is married to Rachel and they have two teenage daughters.

MICHAELA SQUIRE - Office Manager & Child Sponsorship

Michaela volunteered with Amigos for a number of years before joining our small team part-time. She plays an invaluable role heading up our Child Sponsorship programme and managing our UK office. Michaela communicates with sponsors, ensuring children’s letters are distributed and liaises with the Child Sponsorship team in Uganda. She is a ray of sunshine in the UK office and her dedication and eye for detail is fundamental to the success of the programme. If you call the office, it's likely you'll speak to our lovely Michaela!

STEVE SCOFFIELD - Director of Finance

Steve, a Chartered Accountant, is a part-time member of staff with a huge amount of experience in the charity sector, both in accounting and HR. He has worked as Finance Manager at The National Autistic Society and The Lee Abbey Fellowship, and was a trustee and treasurer at the North Devon Hospice. Steve takes care of everything from banking through to production and analysis of financial reports. 


Phil founded Amigos in the year 2000. With his wife Ann they have a strong belief that everyone is of value despite their background, circumstances or lack of education. Coupled with their Christian faith and practical skills, Amigos has gone from strength to strength touching the lives of many thousands of Ugandans of all ages. Phil stepped down at the end of 2020 from his full-time role to volunteer for Amigos.



ANGUS THOMSON – Business Consultant

Angus was born in South Africa and has seen first-hand the injustices poverty causes. He brings his creative gifting and business skills to Amigos, helping to develop effective strategies both here and in Uganda. Angus and his wife Claire are passionate about caring for the disadvantaged.

BEN CAMPBELL-COLQUHOUN - Strategic Planning and Acting Chair

Ben is a Colonel in the British Army, specialising in operational planning, organisational change, strategic communications, and training and development. Notably, he was the lead planner for the UK's military drawdown in Afghanistan. Ben is passionate about the work Amigos is doing in Uganda and has delivered training in management and organisational planning with Amigos' staff at Kira Farm Development Centre.


Sian, wife to Ben is a school teacher and mum to their 3 teenage children. Sian heads up a small team of ladies that delivers our amazing 'Inspire' programme at Kira Farm Development Centre - teaching our female trainees about their true value and worth so they can go on to achieve their God-given potential.

RACHEL LEWIS – Funding & Media Consultant

Rachel has over 15 years' experience as a journalist for national magazines and newspapers. For part of this time she worked in the media team at Christian Aid, London. This role involved delivering stories about Christian Aid partners from all over the world to major news outlets in print, TV and radio. Rachel worked for Amigos for 8 years primarily in communications and trust fund applications. She is now a social worker.


ROGER BARTLETT - Events, Fundraising and Tool Collections

Before joining Amigos, Roger had 30 wonderfully fulfilling years in the Devon and Cornwall Police Force. Since 2017 Roger heads up a small team of men that delivers our amazing 'Strength' programme to the young male trainees at Kira Farm Development Centre. Roger loves the heart of Amigos and how it transforms lives ‘from the inside out’ and moves people from 'dependence to dignity'. Roger is married to Rebecca and they have three children

VAL BISHOP – Fundraising and Development Consultant

Val has worked within the education and charity sectors for the past 15 years. She has had a variety of roles in communications, project management and fundraising, including spending six years with an international development charity in Bristol, and four years as manager of West Buckland School Foundation. She is currently Programmes Director at Somerset Community Foundation. Val is trustee of a number of small charities in the South West. She has volunteered for Amigos since 2013.

ANDREW FRIEND BSc (Agric.Hons), MSc (Trop.Agric), PhD (Trop.Vet.Med.Hon) - International Development Consultant

Andrew has over forty years of experience working overseas in agricultural reconstruction, specialising in animal production, tropical veterinary and crop cultivation. His work has taken him all over the world, including East Africa. Andrew has worked for the FAO, UN, DFID, The World Bank and IFAD Procurement, Send A Cow, World Vision and Tearfund. His extensive knowledge of agriculture and international development makes him an invaluable consultant to Amigos.

Stephen Dove – Legal & Business Consultant

Stephen is a Partner in one of North Devon’s largest legal practices. He has wide experience of the charity sector. He was one of the founding trustees of Children’s Hospice South West and was very closely involved with that project over a 15 year period. Stephen is an active member of his local Church and balances his professional life with a long-term passion to help the poor and disadvantaged. He brings to Amigos his legal skills and significant experience in business management.

SAM CHANDLER – Agriculture Consultant

Sam provides direction and consultation for the agricultural aspects of Kira Farm Development Centre. Sam runs an organic farm with his wife Christine near Chulmleigh, North Devon, and their main enterprise is an organic free-range poultry unit. Sam has been instrumental in helping Kira Farm Development Centre with its conservation agriculture.