Thanks to the kindness of generous supporters, last year 43,569 people living in extreme poverty were provided with training to lift themselves out of poverty.

Donations given in 2019 made a huge difference to the lives of many people:

  • Providing 33,944 people access to clean water for the first time

  • Training young people in vocational skills and creating employment

  • Equipping rural communities in conservation farming skills – over 7,350 people now have enough food on their table

  • Delivering training in conflict resolution and gender equality

  • Funding projects in beekeeping, bicycles, creating small enterprises and more!

Budget breakdown

In 2019, we once again spent more of our funds directly on programme delivery in Uganda than ever before. Of our total expenditure in the year, 88% was spent on charitable activities. This is due to our ongoing efforts to ensure overheads in the UK remain low to ensure maximum funds can be sent to Uganda.

As a result £20,000 was raised by generous supporters for a bicycle project.

What’s next?

Much has been achieved, but there is much more to do! Our vision remains: train people today so they will be able to support themselves tomorrow and in the future.

You can find out more in our 2019/2020 Annual Review

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