Melody's family were too poor to send her to school, but fortunately she joined the Amigos Child Sponsorship programme.

Knowing this was a golden opportunity, she worked hard in the classroom and passed all of her exams. Today she is employed as a nursery and primary school teacher. ‘I love my students and fellow teachers and they also love me,’ Melody smiles.

Melody uses her income to help meet her family’s basic needs and pay school fees for her brothers and sisters, as well as books for them to study with.

‘Without sponsorship I wouldn't have been able to become a teacher and support my younger siblings in their education, I'm so grateful to my sponsors for providing for me. I can now live a better life,' she says.

‘I have written to my sponsors to thank them for the journey we have been through together. They stood beside me from primary school and I am very thankful and honoured for their support. I thank God for bringing them into my life.'

The Amigos Child Sponsorship programme trains caregivers so that within a few years they are able to pay the school fees of the children in their care. This means we can go on to support other families and help more children.