50 young Ugandans have arrived on Kira Farm for a life changing year of mentoring and training.  We know from countless stories of past trainees what a transformative year lies ahead of them with the support of the amazing Amigos staff and trainers.

Kira Farm Development Centre is a farm just outside Kampala, where every year young Ugandans from backgrounds of disadvantage and trauma, can learn trades and skills for a hope filled future.  It is also HQ for the Amigos Uganda team.

Youth Empowerment Facilitator, Joshua Kizito, overseas the program and with the team ensures that prior to the new trainees arrival, Kira Farm is looking its best.  He describes “meticulous preparation and organisation” beforehand, with accommodation areas thoroughly cleaned and beds neatly made.  “My first impression of Kira Farm was beautiful; everything looked stunning,” says trainee Innocent Obali, from Gulu.

With tailoring, building and hairdressing available among other options, there is lots for trainees to choose from!  Some trainees decide immediately which type of training they want to pursue, while others opt for a trial period of at least a month to explore the different options available.

Upon arriving at Kira, each trainee is given a weekly timetable outlining scheduled activities.  Following a structure like this can be challenging for some trainees, but they receive lots of help from the supportive Amigos staff to guide them along the way. 

Settling into life on Kira Farm differs from one trainee to the next.  “For some, it takes days” explains Joshua, “while for others, it extends to weeks”.  It’s clear that friendships soon form, “I sleep comfortably, and everyone is friendly here.  I’ve made many friends from Kitgum, Masindi and Gulu” says Innocent.  

"Coming to Kira Farm means a lot to me” says Dinna Akulu from Lira, “I have a strong desire to learn building, tailoring, and hairdressing because these are the most marketable businesses in our village. My life here is very good; I eat well, sleep well, and …the environment is beautiful with many flowers."

We know that coming to Kira Farm is a huge step for our trainees.  We are so excited to cheer them on and follow their progress through 2024.