Sponsored child Dorcus is one of 3 children living with their father Fred, a single parent. Here is their story of transformation through the words of her father, Fred.

Stuck in a cycle of poverty

I had never realised that I was rich and that I was the one holding myself in poverty. I was lucky to have inherited 10 acres of land from my grandfather, but it was not properly utilised. I had been protecting the land from land grabbers but not actually utilising it to its full potential. On this land, I used to grow food but on a very small scale to provide our daily food - shame on me! If I had got into the farming group years earlier I would be a millionaire by now with the knowledge I acquired! 

As a single father, I was struggling to raise my three children with no focus and lots of financial challenges. When my daughter, Dorcus Kobusinge, was enrolled on the Amigos’ sponsorship program a new dimension of life was revealed to me. After attending the Farming God’s Way and growth mindset training, I realised that I had been lazy and wasteful.

A new beginning

My attitude towards life and work changed dramatically and I developed a different work ethic. I planted two acres of maize, from which I earned Ugx 800,000 (approx. £178). I used some of this to buy two sheep, and I bred from them, so now I have five, which I can sell for mutton at Ugx 150,000 (approx. £33) each. I also have local chickens which I am breeding for sale and for eggs.

I planted one acre with local bananas used for making banana juice which I sell in the neighbourhood. On the maize garden I added an acre each of beans and cassava which I am also growing to sell.

Sharing resources

In the growth mindset training, we learnt about love and respect for one another and sharing resources to promote unity. When the farming group was looking for land to rent as a training ground for Farming God’s Way, I offered some of my land for rent at Ugx 200,000 (£44) per season and I now earn Ugx 400,000 (£88) annually.

The training opened up my mind to new business opportunities and I soon started a banana business selling banana stems for replanting and bananas to eat. Being the only one in my village with this particular banana variety, which is disease resistant and also provides juice, made my business very profitable. I’m now earning at least Ugx 300,000 (approx. £67) a month from the sale of bananas and banana stems.

Becoming an agent of change in the community

I was also given the opportunity to attend leadership training at Amigos’ Kira Farm in 2019 and I am now passing on the knowledge I have acquired to the farming group members and my church. I have also been elected as a committee member on the Mirya Pastors’ Association in Masindi with a vision of overseeing the Amigos’ community sponsorship/youth programme in my sub county.

I was ignorantly sitting on gold. Now, I know the value of land and hard work and can finally provide for my family with everything they need. Thank you to Amigos and Dorcus’ sponsor for the life changing opportunity they have given us.

Dorcus says:

"I am so grateful for Amigos and my sponsor. I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer. My dad is always there for me and now he can afford to send me to school every day! I am so thankful to Amigos and our sponsor, our future is brighter, God bless you all."