This year’s Kira Farm trainees – or should we say last year’s (see A Glimpse of Kira Farm blog) – have finally graduated! But they have graduated in style! 

They have navigated the challenging times of the second Ugandan national lockdown and now have completed their training. The end of this year’s training focused on making our Strength and Inspire programmes available through Zoom, as in-person visits were not possible. But that has not lessened the impact. 

As one trainee said, “We have been discovering self-worth and inner strength but also becoming a better person in society. I believe this will make me a better person of influence in my community.” 

It is these inner qualities that will enable these young people to put their vocational training into good effect and cope with the challenges to come and therefore inspire others, young and old, to imagine a different future.

Sewing machines being given to those trained in tailoring to give them a hand up as they start their businesses back home.

Our graduates are now armed with hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry, building, conflict resolution and holistic life skills to demonstrate through skilful hard work and right attitude that dependency and despair lie in the past and dignity and destiny lie ahead. 

So watch this space!