Overwhelmed by Love

‘When we met Norah she burst into tears and didn’t stop crying for 15 minutes!’ says Kira Farm Co-ordinator, Josh. ‘I was scared something terrible had happened...'Read more

From Worthless to Worthy

'The more I help others, the more I am healed'. When Keziya arrived at Kira Farm she felt utterly worthless, after a year of healing and training she left with her head held high.Read more

South Molton Primary School Raises £1110 for Amigos!

South Molton United C of E Primary School has raised an incredible amount for Amigos through a sponsored run.Read more

Once a 'mistake', now a pillar of hope

'My name means 'mistake',' says Ibrahim. 'Growing up my life was so terrible I began to believe I really was a mistake and wanted to die.'Read more

'My shame has turned to hope'

Lydia's family used to be wealthy, but made some terrible business decisions and drove them into poverty. In desperation Lydia's parents began brewing and selling local beer from home - putting young Lydia in a vulnerable situation.Read more

Raising funds through flowers!

Jackie Rudman from Barnstaple grows and sells flowers to support people in poverty in Uganda.Read more

From drug addiction to community leader

Walter used to be addicted to drugs and stealing. Today he is supporting his large family and heading up a government HIV campaign.Read more

My buddy Alfred

Meet Alfred. He’s short like me – except he’s vertically challenged because he didn’t have enough to eat, whereas I only have my genes to blame.Read more

Saved from Leopards and Pythons

There was nothing on this land except a church and bush...Read more

The perils of dirty water

Many people in Uganda drink from water sources which are shared with animals, or are used for washing cars...Read more

Clean Water Improves School Grades

‘We could never collect enough water,’ explains teacher Dennis Oola.Read more

Why conservation farming?

Hungry young subsistence farmers are acquiring the skills required to create an abundance of food...Read more

The Funky Chicken

When a professional photographer strolls into the Amigos office offering his extensive skills and expertise...Read more

Borehole Saves Marriage

I used to carry 20 litres of water for 2km, on my head in the burning sun...Read more