Thank you, Kira Farm!

Growing up with disabled parents presented significant challenges for Sarah. With farming as their only means of income, the family struggled to meet basic needs and cover expenses like school fees.

“Joining Kira Farm was a lifeline for me” says former trainee, Sarah Arac

“Joining Kira Farm was a lifeline for me” says former trainee, Sarah Arach.

As the oldest, Sarah shouldered the responsibility of managing household chores and providing care. The situation became even more dire when her sister was married off at 17. While her bride price sustained the family for a while, the outlook seemed hopeless and the burden on Sarah was overwhelming.

Everything changed when Sarah joined Kira Farm. She says, “I was drawn by the positive reputation of friendly staff, three meals a day, comfortable accommodation, and valuable skills training.”

While on Kira, Sarah enrolled in tailoring and hairdressing and has since been able to open her own tailoring workshop as well as develop her skills in farming.

“Since graduating, I have immersed myself in farming”, she explains, “using the proceeds from my first harvest to invest in a goat, rent land, and purchase seeds for the next season”.

As well as working towards enlarging her workshop, this has also made it possible for her to save for the future.

Sarah also now trains other young people at the Alyet Seeds Vocational Training Centre, as well as through the local church-run conservation farming project. She describes this as a “rewarding experience” that enhances her confidence and self-esteem.

Sarah’s faith has grown and she is part of a church, with Kira Farm’s devotion classes teaching her to rely on God.

“Kira Farm’s devotions and self-worth programme transformed my life, boosting my confidence, interpersonal skills, conflict management and resilience.”

She is far from the hopelessness she once felt and is full of gratitude for the transformative experience she had on Kira Farm.