We work alongside churches in rural communities in Uganda to increase crop yields, food, income, education, water, and health. Our projects are:

1) Sustainable - ensuring long term change

2) Delivered - by Ugandans 

3) Monitored - we track every project to ensure transparency, impact and success

Uganda is a land-locked country in East Africa, sharing borders with South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Within Uganda we work in seven key regions: Kampala, Masindi, Gulu, Orom, Kitgum, Lira and Kaliro.

We help people to lift themselves out of poverty by providing training in vocational skills, conservation farming, business, life skills, education, child/family sponsorship and access to clean water.

This integrated approach means that, after a few years, villages begin to flourish and we can move on to support more communities with a hand-up.


We work in rural areas in northern Uganda, and at our main hub Kira Farm Development Centre, to provide training in conservation farming.

'Thanks to this training we have doubled our harvest. In the past we used to run out of food, but now we have enough for two meals a day.' Doreen, Gulu.

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At the residential Kira Farm Development Centre we equip young adults with vocational skills in carpentry, construction, tailoring, hairdressing and bike mechanics; and in rural communities we provide training in beekeeping and micro-enterprises. All participants receive training in business skills. We also provide access to tools and bicycles to support these income generating activities.

While seeking refuge in a government camp during the war, 11-year-old Scovia was raped. 'At Kira Farm my life was restored through the mentoring and training I received. Today I have a hairdressing and tailoring business, and I support vulnerable girls in a Sudanese refugee camp.'


We deliver training in conflict resolution, restorative justice and practical technologies - such as energy saving stoves and tippy taps for handwashing.

'I learnt conflict resolution and construction skills when I was at Kira Farm. Since I graduated, I've been able to help solve many of the conflicts that occur on the construction site every day.' Patrick, Orom.


We install boreholes to provide clean water in the focused rural farming communities we support. All those we work with receive training in health and hygiene.

'The nearest borehole used to be 2km away and I would struggle to carry 20 litres of water on my head, in the burning sun, with my child on my back. I often fainted. My husband would shout at me whenever we ran short of water at home and I wanted a divorce. Since Amigos built a borehole there is peace in my home.' Harriet, Masindi.

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To ensure children attend school we work with whole families, providing guardians with the farming and business skills needed to support the children in their care. In addition we distribute uniforms and academic materials, provide a school dinner, and access to health care. This means even the poorest children gain an education.

‘Conservation farming has doubled our harvest – now we have enough to eat and the money I’ve made from surplus crops is helping to pay my children’s school fees!’ Robert, Gulu.