"This book is full of stories of remarkable people - visionary, dedicated and hopeful - and together they show that we can make a difference. We can do something good. We can respond to the poor not just with despair, anger and grief, but also with purposeful activity that can bring about real transformation." Reverend Simon May 

Amigos today is a far cry from Amigos in 2000. This book is an honest, funny, humbling account of the twists and turns that brought Amigos to where it is today.

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What people are saying about this book..

Read this over a couple of October days looking out over the N Devon coast at a grey, choppy ocean and found inside a rare and genuine reading pleasure.

Phil comes across just as he is in real life - a person with a huge heart for others much less fortunate than himself, but this really is the story of how an indefatigable spirit has helped lead so many in Uganda to have a better chance at life. Interspersed with anecdotes and stories from those who have made the journey with Amigos in Uganda, it tells the forming and building of Kira in a way that is both heart-warming, funny and inspiring.

Thank you Phil for writing it and for all that Amigos continues to do.

Will B 

Great book and an inspirational story of Amigos journey. I finished the book in just 24 hours as I could not get my hands off it. I've been a supporter of the charity for years and it was interesting to read their story from the beginning, to become aware of the challenges faced and to get to where they are today.

Some funny, sad and hopeful events worth reading about.

I highly recommend reading the book, but also purchasing it for a good cause!

Steph M