Limited edition borehole print

There are just 100 signed and numbered A2 (420 x 594 mm) fine art prints available of this borehole photographed in northern Uganda. This stunning image will look perfect on your kitchen wall, or could equally serve as a memorable gift.

The sale of 100 prints will fund the installation of one new borehole, providing clean water to 2,500 people.

Purchase one print including P&P, and you will provide clean water for 25 people - today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

100% of your purchase will go towards providing clean water.

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The impact of clean water

One borehole serves at least 2500 people. Access to clean water has wide reaching benefits:

1. Clean water reduces the outbreak of disease and saves children's lives. 

2. A local borehole means children get to school on time because they don't have to spend their mornings walking long distances to fetch clean water.

3. A nearby borehole gives families more time to grow food, earn an income and go to school.

4. Water on tap gives women time to set up their own small businesses and lift their families out of poverty

5. Lack of water frequently causes stress in the home - clean water can bring harmony to a household.

Big thanks to Roy Riley for volunteering to travel to Uganda, donating many images and films including this amazing print.