We provide training in conservation farming which enables families to multiply their crop yields. Once they are eating well they are encouraged to think about the next steps to truly lifting themselves out of poverty.

Many are entrepreneurial and have money-making ideas but don’t have the knowledge to get them off the ground. Through tailor-made workshops these farmers learn business skills and money management so they can set up small enterprises.

As their small businesses grow and succeed, families earn enough to send their children to school, access healthcare and build up savings to protect against unexpected shocks, such as drought.

With financial freedom rural communities are able to make choices and determine their own futures.


Amigos delivers practical and accessible workshops, covering areas such as savings, financial management, marketing, risk management and credit management.

The training is delivered at Kira Farm and through local churches with whom we already have a relationship.

Beneficiaries are often trained in specific small enterprises, such as liquid soap making.

Once the training is complete, beneficiaries are encouraged to share their new skills and knowledge in the community through the local churches.

Business skills training increases income, security, savings and school attendance.