Kira Farm Development Centre is located just outside Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Set in 22 acres of land, the Centre features accommodation for staff, trainees and guests, training rooms and workshops, and farmland, which serves as training land for trainees while supplying the farm’s inhabitants with food.

Every year, up to 50 young people come to Kira Farm to learn vocational and farming skills. However, Kira Farm is about more than practical skills; it is about learning to heal, to communicate, to forgive and to love oneself.

"Before I went to Kira, everything I saw at home looked dead or hopeless. Now I see these same things as an opportunity to improve life for my family and me." - Beatrice

Young people come from far and wide to be interviewed for a place at Kira Farm and Joshua, the farm centre manager, spends many hours talking to potential trainees and assessing their potential to impact not only their lives, but the lives of their broader communities.

Every Kira trainee has grown up in extreme poverty; some are orphans, some have faced unimaginable hardships and abuse, all have been affected in some way by the HIV pandemic and Uganda's 25-year civil war.

At Kira Farm, each trainee is nurtured by the farm’s incredible team of staff and inspired to build a brighter future for themselves and others. They come to us without hope for the future and leave full of optimism, ready to transform lives.

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