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How NOT to Start A Charity


Have you ever wondered why an organisation working in Uganda is called Amigos? Or maybe you would like to know why we started supporting an orphanage but now support entire communities across Uganda with vocational and business skills, farming and school education? Our book tells all! Read more

Buy a LuminAID


Transform swimming, camping, walking or gardening with the LuminAID - an inflatable, solar-powered lamp that you can take anywhere. Read more

Buy A LuminAID, Give A LuminAID


The best of both worlds! Have your very own LuminAID and give one to a Ugandan family. Read more

Kira Farm T-shirt


Our new Kira Farm T-shirts are both comfortable and stylish. Complete with a small logo on the back left hand side, you can share our brand wherever you go! Read more

Limited Edition Borehole Print


This stunning image will look perfect on your kitchen wall, or could equally serve as a memorable gift. The sale of these prints will help fund the installation of one new borehole. Read more