Each Kira Farm trainee has been handpicked from some of the most disadvantaged regions of Uganda, which have experienced many years of HIV, rebel activity and extreme poverty. 

Through training in vocational skills, conservation farming and holistic life-skills, the students are coached and equipped to have a bright and secure future. 

On graduation, students have the ability to support themselves and pass on what they have learnt to at least 50 members of their community, creating sustainable and lasting change in rural Uganda.

Support Kira Farm 

By setting up a regular donation for as little as £1 a week, you can help Kira Farm Development Centre train 50 young people annually.

If 800 people gave just £1 a week (plus Gift Aid), Kira Farm would be fully funded year upon year.

Every penny you give will go directly into training young people to become self-sufficient through vocational training.

Sponsor a Kira Farm Trainee

This is a unique opportunity for businesses, schools, Rotary clubs, churches and individuals to be directly involved in supporting a Ugandan youngster through Amigos’ Kira Farm Development Centre.

For an annual donation of £500 you will receive a photo and profile of a Kira trainee, and monthly emails and photos of their progress through this amazing life-changing opportunity. You will have access to Kira Farm’s email address to stay connected and encourage your trainee. If you wish, we can even set up a Zoom or Skype meeting direct to Kira Farm. Sponsorship is a great opportunity for a family, business, church, school or club to be involved with a Ugandans life by sending emails/photos and enjoying their progress and transformation journey out of poverty and despondencey. 

Read what some of our valued supporter say about sponsoring a trainee..

"We have really appreciated the personal contact we have with our sponsored students by email, and can see how much they are learning. What they manage to achieve in the first year or so after returning home is staggering, and makes the small amount paid in sponsorship a very worthwhile investment". St Mary's Church Wythall

"We love sponsoring Kira trainees, we know that it really makes a big difference to each trainee to have a sponsor.  We love getting our update emails each month, and it is a joy to read how they ‘grow’ in so many ways throughout the year. We can also write back, and value the relationship that is formed with each of 'our' Kira trainees". Mr & Mrs R, Wales

"We visited Kira Farm (Uganda) to observe this incredible program offered to young disadvantaged adults firsthand.

We were so impressed with the results it was producing that we have been sponsoring trainees ever since.

Each month the students update us with their progress and what they have achieved, and it is wonderful to hear of their transformation as they work through the various programs at Kira Farm. The students value our encouraging emails and we are blessed by theirs.

This communication only confirms to us that the money we invest in these young people's lives is extremely worthwhile. If you are looking for something worthwhile to support … this is the one." Mark and Robina. Queensland, Australia

"While visiting the children I sponsor in Uganda, we were fortunate enough to stay at Kira Farm and find out about theKira Sponsorship programme. Both my son and I were totally surprised by the thought process of educating young adults and giving them a kick start in life with only 1-year training in vocational and life skills. Since we both appreciated the work done being by Amigos so much, we are now sponsoring our first trainee which in my son’s words “feels like a good thing to do” and is turning into a “delightful experience” for all three of us". Claudia & Ben USA

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