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Amigos is a charity which supports Ugandans to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Our approach to ending poverty is special. A powerful mix of education, vocational training, practical farming and emotional support is changing the future for thousands of Ugandan families.

Our vision is for a confident and thriving rural Uganda where no one goes to bed hungry. Our mission is to give families the hope and the means to live off their own land and set up small businesses to revolutionise their futures.

In the last 12 months over 20,000 lives have been impacted by Amigos
Sarah is a Storming Success!
When we met up with Kira Farm graduate, Sarah, she said: ‘I am so excited by my story that I will have to compose myself before I begin to tell it to you!’ After a deep breath she began... ‘When I turned up for the interview for Kira Farm Development Centre I was just looking for a way to get out of the Busoga region as I felt trapped, I’d had a child while I was in school and my boyfriend had abandoned me after discovering I was pregnant.'
Creating a future where there is none
Empowering People in Poverty
Transforming Broken Lives

How we use your donations

For every £1 you donate to Amigos 83p goes directly to our projects in Uganda, 6p is invested to generate future revenue and 11p is spent on support costs.

An ancient idea for a sustainable future
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Could help a young person learn skills to lift their family out of poverty



Can support a mum to learn new farming skills so she can feed her children



Will pay for an orphaned child to have an education and school dinner every day

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