67%of people in rural Uganda live without access to clean water.

Every day women and children spend hours carrying heavy jerry cans to deliver water to their families. This essential job makes children late for school and takes up time women could be using to make money. Often the water they collect isn’t clean and it makes them sick.

Clean water is life changing

HEALTH – plentiful, clean, water reduces outbreaks of waterborne diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea, saving lives.

TIME – access to clean water gives families more time to grow food, earn an income and go to school.

EDUCATION – a local borehole means children can be in the classroom when lessons begin. It ensures children have time to play with friends and do their homework.

INCOME – water on tap provides women the time to set up their own small businesses and fight poverty.

PEACE – lack of water frequently causes arguments and stress in the home. Clean water can bring harmony to a household.

What are we doing about the water crisis?

Different communities have different needs. We construct boreholes, shallow wells, rainwater harvesting tanks and BioSand filters after speaking with local experts and community members to find the best, sustainable, solution.

Alongside providing access to clean water, we deliver training in sanitation and hygiene and establish a local committee to look after the new water source to ensure the water never dries up.

A Borehole costs around £4700 

Meet Hassan...
This little chap used to miss school three days out of five because he was suffering from diarrhoea as a result of drinking dirty water. Amigos built a well in his village and now he's drinking clean water he makes it to school five days a week. His future is looking good!

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