Travel with a Clear Conscience: Visit Uganda

Whether you are planning a once in a lifetime trip with family, friends or colleagues, visiting Uganda with Amigos will offer you a unique insight into this beautiful country while helping to support some of the country’s most vulnerable. Much more than a package holiday, our trips are wonderful for people of all ages and will provide you with unforgettable experiences and memories that you will treasure for life.

Discover Uganda

Known as The Pearl of Africa, you may be forgiven for thinking that Uganda consists of arid land and poverty. While poverty is rife, it is impossible to deny the country’s incredible beauty. Lush green vegetation contrasts with striking red earth; wildlife abounds and the life force of the River Nile brings life and beauty despite the climate.

Build Teams - Group Visits

Whether you are a group from a church, school or corporation, something wonderful will happen when you stay at Kira Farm Development Centre. Together, group members can learn about the work that takes place on Kira Farm and the impact that it has on hearts, minds and livelihoods. Inevitably, re-evaluations of life, priorities and relationships occurs, helping to challenge individuals and build stronger team dynamics.

Transform Lives

A trip to Uganda with Amigos doesn’t just benefit the travellers! By staying on Kira Farm, you are supporting the work that we do throughout Uganda. By taking the time to talk to trainees, farmers, children and staff, you are learning about people who, often, have never had a voice. You are showing them that you care, that their lives matter, and giving them something to strive for. And, of course, if you happen to come across a cause that is especially close to your heart, you can support that work with regular donations. Individual and group donations are an excellent way for teams to work together for a greater cause.

The Trip of a Lifetime

We will work hard to tailor your trip to meet your group’s needs. A typical trip will include:

Time at Kira Farm Development Centre – experience the wonder that is Kira's own little bit of heaven. Meet the Amigos Uganda team, meet the trainees and hear their stories.

Community Visits – the opportunity to visit communities and see at first hand the impact of conservation farming, clean water and education is a unique one. Talk to families and learn more about life in Uganda.

Safari – Murchison Falls National Park must be seen to be believed! At Murchison Falls, the full force of the River Nile pours through a seven-metre gap, tumbling 43 metres in a magnificent torrent. With more than 450 birds and 76 mammal species, at Murchison Falls you will see the glorious flora and fauna that Uganda has to offer – elephants, hippos, buffalos, giraffes and antelope to name but a few, and if you’re really fortunate, a lion or two!

There is no doubt that a trip to Uganda is one that will be remembered forever. A trip to Uganda with Amigos is a life-changing experience that will stay with you in so many ways; it will help you to grow as an individual, as a group, and as an organisation.

If you would like to find out more about staying at Kira Farm Development Centre, get in touch – we would love to welcome you to the wonderful world of Amigos Uganda!