Amigos supports Ugandans to work their way out of poverty through an integrated approach providing training, education and clean water.

Why not focus on one thing?

We believe if a child has an education, but not enough to eat, they will struggle to learn. If a farmer multiplies his crop yields, but only has dirty water to drink, lasting change isn’t possible. That’s why we look at all the essential elements a community needs if it is to truly thrive.



Vital building blocks for a community to flourish


We train subsistence farmers in conservation farming techniques, enabling them to significantly increase their crop yields and feed their families three meals a day.

Ten out of ten farmers have at least doubled their crop yields through the programme


The importance of gender equality is embedded in all our training. Once women are recognised as equals the home becomes a more harmonious place, decision-making is shared, domestic violence plummets and children are happier and do better at school.

Domestic violence dropped by 94% in our farming communities


Training in sanitation and hygiene, as well as access to clean water (via the construction of boreholes) improves health.

Almost half of families report a significant improvement in health


Surplus crops enable farmers to gain an income. Once families are eating well, communities are trained in business skills and money management so they can set up small enterprises. Amigos supports entrepreneurs with bicycles to access markets and provides training in beekeeping to diversify income streams.

Every farmer has increased crop profitability by at least 33%


With a broader income base, and the ability to set aside savings, communities become more resilient and in charge of their own futures.

Our low-cost, high achieving, approach means that our programmes cost as little as £35 per family, per year. After three years the vast majority of farmers are able to feed their households and still have a surplus to sell. This income provides for their basic needs: school fees, healthcare and security. It also means they have enough to invest in small businesses to grow their income and build up savings to provide a buffer against shocks such as ill-health and drought.



As a charity our overarching aim is to bring sustainability, justice and hope to disadvantaged people; many of whom have been affected by war, poverty, famine and HIV. Amigos firmly believes in helping people to help themselves and we are led by the communities we seek to empower.


As soon as participants are able, they pass on the resources and skills they have received to others. This principle of sharing knowledge and resources helps builds flourishing communities and enables a ripple effect and us to work cost effectively.

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