Our innovative Child Sponsorship programme improves food, income, health, clean water and harmony for the whole family.

The Child Sponsorship programme is delivered through local churches and provides the child with a school uniform, academic materials, a school dinner and health care. Families who are too poor to meet these costs can’t send their children to school.


Unlike most child sponsorship programmes which go on indefinitely, Amigos' Child Sponsorship programme supports a child and a family for a fixed period of three years. WHY?

Because, at the end of the three-year period, the family will have enough food to eat and enough money for medicine, education and to save - forever. 

100% of your donation goes towards supporting a child and their family to becoming self-sufficient:

Child Sponsorship is linked to our very effective rural farming programme which is the key to its success – equipping caregivers to feed their families and set up small businesses to generate an income. Providing a ‘complete package’ means that over time families no longer rely on hand-outs but can support themselves.

Through this new approach families are equipped to lift themselves out of poverty within three to four years – enabling many more children and families to be supported in the future.

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