Our innovative Child Sponsorship programme improves food, income, health, clean water and harmony for the whole family.

100% of your donation goes towards sponsorship.

The Child Sponsorship programme is delivered through local churches and provides the orphaned child (who is being cared for by relatives) with a school uniform, academic materials, a school dinner and health care. Families who are too poor to meet these costs can’t send their children to school.

The programme also provides training in conservation farming and business skills for caregivers. This tried and tested approach ensures everyone has enough to eat, a surplus to sell, and income to set up small businesses.

Through this new approach families are equipped to lift themselves out of poverty within three to four years – enabling many more children and families to be supported in the future.

8 x the impact!

For the cost of sponsoring one child, eight members of their family (the average household size in Uganda) will benefit!

What difference does your sponsorship make?

EDUCATION  Unable to afford books, pencils and a school uniform, many children are forced to drop out of school. Your support will ensure that never happens.

SICKNESS  Children get sick. Your sponsorship not only provides help with clinic bills, but also with training in health and hygiene, and HIV/AIDS prevention.  

ABUSE  Many children live in fear of early marriage and abuse. Through sponsorship your child will have a one to one mentor to provide care, support and protection.

HUNGER- Children often survive on one meal a day. Your support guarantees your sponsored child a school meal. Additionally, their caregiver will receive training in conservation farming skills enabling the whole family to eat well.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH  Poverty causes problems beyond the material. Our approach to poverty is holistic - by partnering with the local church our support addresses emotional needs.

POVERTY  The child’s caregivers will be trained in business skills and linked to a savings group to help grow business opportunities and increase household income.

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