We work through local churches and community leaders who are often best placed to identify vulnerable children who are orphaned or unable to attend school regularly. One of our main aims is to support and train the caregiver to help them move from dependency to dignity. Here are some of our selection criteria…

  • A child should be orphaned (maternally/paternally or both), or have physically disabled or elderly parents. They should be aged between 6-8 years.

  • Any child will be considered irrespective of race, colour, religion, gender, national origin (ancestry), disability or sexual orientation.

  • Children/families are selected from areas where Amigos farming groups operate, and in conjunction with the local church. They should have been resident in the district for at least a year.

  • Children selected should live in walking distance from the local school and church that is implementing the programme.

  • Caregivers must have access to land and be members of a local Amigos farming group.

  • The family must be prepared to develop an income generating activity, however small.

  • The caregiver needs to be committed to the education of the children in their care.