By Halla Kàradòttir

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to help people in need. Almost 20 years ago I remember hearing the famous Swedish author Henning Mankell on the radio, talking about the charity projects he was working with in Africa.

Not only did he mention constructing boreholes and building schools, but he also explained WHY it was necessary. And I instantly knew - that is something I want to do! The need is so great and there are so many projects, but I knew I wanted to do something that seriously helps people and was of high quality. But what could ‘little me’ do, and HOW?

It started off easily enough, as my eldest daughter and I started sponsoring a child in Uganda in 2004. I’d always wanted to meet the child, and as the years went by I understood that the child would be moving away in a few years’ time.

So, as I came close to turning 40 years old, and as a friend of mine taught me the importance of living while we can, I decided to make my big dreams come true. I wished for travel money for my 40th birthday and saved up plane tickets for myself and my daughter to go and meet our sponsored child.

During our stay in beautiful Uganda in January 2017 we got in contact with Amigos Worldwide. We were invited to lunch at Kira Farm Development Centre, and in four hours I learned so much about Amigos, Kira Farm, Uganda, Ugandans, and the real quality of Amigos’ charity work. Over the years I had gotten some ideas of WHAT I wanted to do for people in need. Now I knew HOW and WHERE! Through Amigos I could reach my dreams and really help people! Can you imagine that feeling?!!

How I raised money

In October 2017 I started raising money, mainly in my local Norwegian community, and through my Facebook page – Fra Bodø til Uganda. My health restricts me from doing much more, but Facebook is a very good tool for me to reach people.

My approach to fundraising was to INVITE anyone who wanted to join me in this project and provide clean water for people in Uganda. So I didn't ask people to just give me money - my project was everybody's project.

What did I do?

• I shared thoughts, stories, information, pictures and videos on the Facebook page.

• I contacted our local newspaper who published an article about my fundraising.

• I made Christmas cards which I used as a Christmas gift to almost everyone on my family's gift list (we give approx. 40-50 gifts), and we gave a monetary donation to my project as a gift to friends and family. Only children on our list got physical gifts. I also offered everyone who wanted Christmas cards through my Facebook page to give a donation as Christmas presents.

• Instead of throwing things like furniture, toys and clothes away, I sold them, explaining that the income would go towards funding a well in Uganda.

One day I hope to visit the borehole I fundraised for, and with the donation I wish to honour agape love – pure, selfless, unconditional love for others.

If you've been inspired by Halla's story and want to make a difference, you can set up your own fundraising page here.