Wanting to change is something most of us can relate to.  Whether it's a New Year's Resolution, signing up to (another) course that will transform our life, or switching-out the cushions on the sofa - the thought of change (sometimes!) propels us to action.

Change is exactly what is taking place in Uganda, particularly for a group of Pastors and Farming Group Leaders.  Coming from the various communities that Amigos are involved with, this group is gathering 3 times during this year for the 5-day residential workshops. 

The goal of these workshops - to equip them with basic leadership, conflict resolution, and business skills.  And ultimately, to enable them to take on the role of extension workers and be the change-makers in their communities. 

Already we are hearing reports from our Sustainable Community Development Team of incredible change in the lives of the participants as a result of these workshops.  Waako Wilson is one such example.

Waako says:

"After the training (in March), I went back and sat my family down and taught them the skills I got from Amigos, and it has changed our family's mindset.  We have started a livestock farm, with 8 chickens, 2 pigs, and goats soon to be added.

In the community, I formed a savings group, and we have opened a SACCOs (Savings and Credit Co-operative Society) which is working well, and we have more communities who are planning to join us.  Communities are being helped, people are happy, and lives are being transformed.

In the church, I have mobilised the Christians and taught them the advantages of working together as a group; I am training them in teamwork, teaching them the Word of God, and organising church seminars.  Churches are coming together, and many people are giving their lives to Christ!"

What an inspiring story of transformation!  

Now, where's my list of New Year's Resolutions....?