When Evaline Akello, 30, was voted Secretary of an Amigos’ conservation farming group she had no idea how it would impact her own life.

In April this mum of four attended an Amigos workshop at Kira Farm on leadership and business skills.  At the time she owned 30 chickens which she used purely for eating with visitors, or giving away as gifts.

Evaline hadn’t realised her chickens were an asset, but at the workshop she discovered she could tap into this resource to help support her family. As soon as she got home she sold 8 cockerels and bought two pregnant goats to build up a herd which she could slowly sell off for meat, making a good profit. One goat sells for around £50.

Spurred on with her new business mindset, Evaline decided to set up a vegetable farming enterprise. Using the conservation farming techniques she’d learnt through Amigos this inspired mum started growing egg plants, tomatoes and okra. Her efforts soon paid off and during a good season Evaline earns £6.50 a day – significantly more than she used to make working as a teacher.

This means Evaline is able to feed her family well, buy medicine and pay school fees for her children. Her circumstances hadn’t changed, but her thinking had!