1. Write in short, simple sentences.

2. Share stories about your family members, hobbies, or describe your work/school life.

3. The Ugandan culture does not have the same practice of keeping pets - your sponsored child might find it  intriguing to hear about the animals you keep at home.

4. Avoid writing about material possessions because it will be difficult for your Ugandan child to relate.

5. Remember to ask questions - there is a lot you can learn about your sponsored child’s way of life too! Good topic areas include their friends, what they want to do in the future, what food they eat and what they study at school.

6. Festivals and events, such as births and weddings, are a key part of your child’s life and you can draw on mutual festivals such as Easter and Christmas.

7. If you want to share photos with your sponsored child (which they would love to see), please send a physical copy in the post to avoid printing costs in Uganda.

8. But the most important thing is that you write something and build a bond with your sponsored child, they will truly appreciate it.

9. Let your sponsored child know how special and valued they are – words of encouragement and affirmation will mean a great deal to them.

10. Keep it positive and fun!