Anna used to walk 10 km every day to reach a good water source – that’s 70 km a week, 280 km a month, and 3460 km in a year.

She’s been doing this for over 60 years, covering a total distance of 207,600 km by foot, just to fetch water.

Thankfully for Anna, who is now 72 years old, all that walking is a thing of the past as Amigos has just constructed a borehole in her village – 15 metres from her doorstep. Time to put your feet up Anna! 

And here's another happy granny!...

'My grandchildren are safe from traffic'

Teopista, 56, was always worried sick about her three little grandchildren who would have to cross a busy road to collect water from Kinumi village, Masindi. Not so long ago, two children were knocked down by a speeding vehicle after they had been fetching water.

Teopista herself would walk long distances every day fetching water and firewood, and digging other people’s land for a pittance.

This grandma was over the moon when she heard that a borehole was going to be constructed just a stone’s throw from her home.

‘Thank goodness the traffic is no longer a threat to the lives of my grandchildren,’ she smiles.


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