Introducing Dwere Village…
In a hot, dry, dusty place in northern Uganda a borehole was constructed in June 2017. There was nothing on this land except a church and bush. Here’s how a community clubbed together to create access to clean water for 2500 people.

The Man Who Gave the Land

‘This is the first time in 80 years I’ve seen clean water!’ laughs Sanon Olam. ‘Thanks to this borehole women aren’t forced to collect water in the bush where they can be attacked by leopards and pythons.’

The Amigos Worker
Titus, our man on the ground, liaised with the community and hired a drilling firm to install the borehole.

The Community Spirit
The community rallied together to clear the land and later built a fence around the pump to protect it from animals.

The Top Brass
A committee of ten well-trusted members of the community were elected to promote hygiene, construct pit latrines, check water quality and maintain the borehole. Here’s Simon, the Chairman.

The Techy Guy
A young volunteer was chosen to be trained as a technician to keep the borehole running. Toolboxes have been purchased by the committee with some of the money contributed by the local households towards maintenance.

The Happy Wife
Sanon’s wife is over the moon. ‘I recently broke my jerry can when I was trying to escape from a snake in the bush. Thanks to the borehole I don’t have to be afraid anymore!’ smiles Chichirina.

The Lady with Shiny Legs

‘I used to go to bed without bathing as we had no water,’ explains Esther. ‘Now my legs are shining like the ladies in town!’

Kids Free from Fear
Children have been kidnapped and sacrificed as they collected water from sources deep in the village. This nightmare is now in the past.

The future?
The community plan to clear more land and grow the market. They are building a bathing shelter close to the borehole and a pit latrine which will help the area expand as a hub of activity and commerce.

Janet is pleased as punch with the new borehole
‘We used to find long, small, worms in the water so we’d have to boil it first. The nearest clean water source was four miles away so we often drank from the dirty valleys nearby.

‘Even if you did walk to a clean spring there would always be a long line and my husband would get angry because I would be gone for a long time and the children would be getting hungry.

‘I used to rush back from market before I’d sold all my crops because I knew we’d be running out of water. Now we have the borehole I can spend more time in the market, earn more money and afford to send all of my children to school.

‘Today my children are clean and no one has stomach cramps or diarrhoea anymore. It’s wonderful!’

Big thanks to the UK supporter who donated this borehole in memory of a loved one. If you’re interested in donating a borehole the cost is £4900. Please do give us a ring to find out more - 01271 377664 

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