Introducing Jackson, a very happy farmer who is part of an Amigos farming group and is benefitting from the brand new Amigos Millers!

‘The conservation farming skills I’ve learnt through Amigos are the solution to poor crop yields!' says Jackson. 'Last season I got 22 bags of maize from my garden – usually I get just 5 bags. The outcome is unbelievable and I can’t hide my happiness.

‘Market access used to be our biggest challenge, but that’s now history because Amigos Millers is buying all our produce. The current market price of maize is 300 shillings per kilogram, but Amigos is buying at 400 shillings. I am delighted.

‘In addition to a bumper harvest and a good market, there is peace and harmony in my family. My wife and I have started to make family decisions together and we can afford to send our five children to school every day.

'This is just my first year of working with Amigos but I have already seen a tremendous change. I feel like my family is not just walking, but running, out of poverty,’ smiles Jackson.

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