A new cohort of 50 trainees is beginning a year of transformation at Kira Farm Development Centre. 25 young men and 25 young women, mostly from disadvantaged rural communities across Uganda, have come to be thoroughly equipped to lead a new life.

They all come with harrowing personal stories involving family breakdown and disputes, civil war, disease, abuse, unfinished schooling and dashed dreams.

One young trainee reminisces, “I miss my father who was killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army when I was four years old. I know my life would have been totally different with a father.”

Another one shares, “When I fell pregnant my mother forced me to marry the father or give my daughter away. I returned home with a broken heart and without my child who now lives with her father.”

Restorative justice class to help the trainees move on from their painful past

These wonderful young people come from families and communities where life is a struggle. Some only grow enough crops for one meal a day, basic necessities are scarce and school fees are elusive. Mere survival is the order of the day.

At Kira Farm we provide vocational and holistic life-skills training covering:

  • Conservation farming
  • Building
  • Carpentry
  • Hairdressing
  • Tailoring
  • Business skills
  • Conflict resolution


Learning Conservation Farming and Building Skills

We desire to see these young people equipped for a new life, ready to help their families and communities thrive through productive and sustainable farming, fresh businesses and restored relationships.

But more than that our hope is that this year Kira Farm will be a place where dreams are restored as hearts are healed, hands are skilled and minds are renewed.

One trainee reveals her dream, “I hope to open tailoring centre where I can teach others in my community. I would also like to inspire others to benefit from practising conservation agriculture as food security is so important in the north of Uganda.”

And another says, “When I go home I want to inspire my community to start businesses and achieve financial freedom.”

Time for a break to take it all in - Time for Porridge!