When Evelyn received a bicycle she quadrupled her business profits which meant she could pay for her kids to go to school - and even take them there on the back of her bike!

Evelyn Akello is a member of the Jing Komi farming group in Gulu, she has nine children in her care.

She received a bicycle through Amigos and the impact has been wide-reaching!

‘I’m proud to say that my business profits have quadrupled since I got the bicycle,’ she beams. ‘It used to take me three hours to walk 5 kilometres to market with my garden produce, but now it only takes me an hour.

‘Thanks to my bicycle I can spend longer in the market selling my vegetables because I don’t have to worry about walking another three hours back home again in the dark.

‘The bike is helping me in lots of other ways too, such as fetching water, collecting crops from the garden, taking my young children to school and visiting relatives and friends.

‘Now my income has increased I can pay the school fees for all of my children, feed them well and buy medicine when necessary.

‘Thank you so much for teaching me conservation farming skills so I can grow lots of vegetables and transport them to market on my bicycle!’