APRIL 2018: Moses, joins an Amigos farming group and is chosen by his team to be the leader. Soon after, he attends a three day leadership training workshop at Kira Farm which opens his eyes to the possibilities that exist all around him.

Investing in hens

‘As soon as I got home I told my wife and children that even though we are poor, we need to make the most of the resources we already have and become more business minded.

We’d always reared chickens to eat, but after the training I decided to invest in five hens and allow them to multiply and grow into a small business,’ explains Moses.

Humble plans - big results

JULY 2018: Within three months Moses’s humble plans had paid off and the family had 40 chickens! Word spread and their success became an inspiration to many in the community.

‘People in my neighbourhood have been astonished by our achievements,’ marvels Moses.

Fresh roasted maize

AUGUST 2018: Not one to rest on his laurels, Moses soon spotted another opportunity. Instead of selling his maize harvest at market, he decided to sell fresh roasted maize to people on the side of the road.

‘I was amazed to discover the roadside traders love my maize and I am making much better money from my harvest than ever before,’ he smiles.

Unlike local farmers who have been unable to secure a decent price for their harvest this season, Moses is thriving and has even paid his children’s school fees early. Remarkable!

Helping his neighbours

Before he received training in business skills and leadership Moses had little influence in the community, but things couldn’t be more different today.

In the past couple of months Moses has been working with the local village council to help members of the community receive free training from the government in growing eucalyptus seedlings.

‘Everyone in the community is so excited – they can’t wait to buy the eucalyptus saplings from me so they can, in turn, enjoy a future income,’ explains Moses.

In due course community members will be able to make money by selling the wood to the government for use for electricity poles and also for construction work.

The year isn’t even up – what will Moses do next?!