At Amigos Worldwide, we continually strive to change lives in a way that is sustainable. We care about the long-term impact of our projects on the environment as well as our beneficiaries’ lives. And so, we are thrilled that, thanks to the generous support of a group of individual funders, we can bring you the LuminAID, the only solar lantern that you will ever need!

The LuminAID is genius in its simplicity. It is an inflatable, solar-powered lamp that you can transport easily and use anywhere. It packs flat so – stash it in a backpack, in your car, tent or caravan. Once inflated, the LuminAID will float and survive being dropped – perfect for families all over the world.

With three different settings, the LuminAID has 75 Lumens of Led light on Turbo mode and will run for up to 24 hours on the lowest setting. It takes 10-12 hours in sunlight to fully charge and has a handy USB input which can fully charge the lamp in just an hour.

The LuminAID will help to keep children (and adults) Uganda safe at night by providing night lights for children as they sleep in their huts at night and lighting their way to latrines. It will also provide an additional light source by which families can read, cook, learn and talk together. When a Ugandan family gets a LuminAID, they can say “goodbye”, once and for all, to dangerous kerosene lamps and their toxic fumes.

Here in the UK, the LuminAID will have a multitude of uses! Float it in your hot tub, take it night fishing or hang it in your garden. Any parent that has been camping knows the challenges of keeping little ones safe as darkness falls; camping is the place where they can feel safe and independent, meeting other children and running/cycling/scootering around. A LuminAID is the answer to those worries. Hang it off a scooter or bike handles, pop it on your child’s wrist, it is easy to carry and won’t get broken, or hurt your little one should they fall over in a particularly intense game of chase!
We want to make it so that the LuminAID makes the biggest difference possible, so we are offering you three different ways to buy.

Sponsor a light – this is simple, pay £10 and sponsor a light in Uganda – you will receive a thank you letter and we will distribute the lights as deemed appropriate by our Ugandan team.

Buy a light – if you just want to buy a light for yourself, you can do so for £20 plus p&p. Great as a gift for anyone that loves the outdoors.

Buy one, give one – this is the best of both worlds, literally! For £30 (plus UK p&p) you can buy a light for yourself AND sponsor a light in Uganda.
For more information, or to buy your lights, head to the shop.