When everyone else was working hard in their fields, tending to their crops, Francis and his friends would be drinking. Francis was part of a gang called ‘Bad Minds’, they would drink all day long, commit petty crime and cause trouble in the village.

A new attitude to life

Somewhat surprisingly, 29-year-old Francis decided to join an Amigos’ farming group and after attending a business and leadership workshop at Kira Farm, he left with a completely different attitude to life.

Three months on, and Francis hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since. Bursting with ideas and energy, he has shared what he learnt with his friends, inspiring them in the process. Together the group have embarked on small enterprises such as rearing guinea fowls, hens and turkeys for sale, as well as commercial farming. Quite a turnaround from petty crime.

Francis has already made a profit of over £500 in just a few months thanks to his hard work and dedication. Today the gang are respectable members of society and have changed their name to ‘Brothers of God.’