Life can be challenging for a young mum – particularly in remote areas. Ruth from Kiyenje village, Masindi, has a five month old baby. She used to walk 10 km every day in search for good drinking water.

Ruth’s husband spends most of his time drinking and becomes abusive when Ruth hasn’t been able to complete all her household chores because she has spent so long fetching water. He also accuses her of cheating on him when she is out of the home.

Amigos was able to construct a local borehole, just a 10 minute walk from Ruth’s home, and now there is peace in her household.

And here's another very happy mum!...

Saved from Sun and Sacrifice

Every time Evelyn went to fetch water, 5km from home, she would have to carry her 7 month old baby on her back in the hot sun.

When her four children came home from school, they would continue with the task of fetching water and Evelyn always worried they would be kidnapped and used for sacrifice on the long journey – something that had happened to other children before.

Fortunately Amigos was able to construct a borehole in Nyabukuka village, just 300 metres from Evelyn’s front door. This borehole isn't just providing the community with clean water, it is keeping children safe.

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