‘I have been married to John for seven years and we’ve had a good marriage apart from the water shortage in our village,’ explains Harriet, a mother of three in Kahara, Masindi.

‘The nearest borehole used to be 2km away and I would struggle to carry 20 litres of water that far, on my head, in the burning sun. To make it harder I would have to carry my youngest child on my back while my son Amon walked behind me. On many occasions I fainted because it was so difficult.’

The challenging water situation caused Harriet’s marriage to break down. ‘My husband would shout at me whenever we ran short of water at home, so I was planning on moving back in with my parents,’ she admits.

‘Since the Amigos borehole has been built a few metres from our home those days are gone. There is peace between us and I’ve dropped the idea of getting divorced as my husband has no reason to fight with me. I will enjoy my marriage now.’

‘I am just one woman, speaking on behalf of hundreds of women in Kahara village, and beyond. Thank you for saving lives!’

Big thanks to R.Wills who donated this borehole.

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