Godfrey Ocitti, 22, wasn’t proud that he’d been labelled ‘lazy’ by everyone in the village, but he knew it was true. He struggled with alcohol and his life was in a rut.

When opportunity knocks...

Earlier this year opportunity knocked on his door and, fortunately, Godfrey was selected to attend business skills training with Amigos at Kira Farm.

He learnt many things at the workshop, but one thing really struck him – the importance of making the best use of your productive years and leaving a legacy.

A veil removed

‘I was so moved when I heard these words,’ explains Godfrey. ‘It felt like a veil had been removed from my eyes.’

Godfrey realised he was spending a huge amount of money on alcohol, as well as wasting valuable time. ‘I decided to add up how much I spent on drinking each week and it was a shocking amount,’ Godfrey confesses. ‘I realised if I’d spent that money doing something productive I would be so much better off.’

Determined to change

Determined to change, Godfrey returned home and promptly planted an acre of sesame seeds practising Farming God’s Way (conservation farming). Bursting with enthusiasm, he shared his epiphany with his peers and they were equally inspired. ‘One man I know, Ocaya, decided to quit drinking and used the money he saved to buy two pigs to rear,’ smiles Godfrey.

The change in Godfrey’s lifestyle is so visible that lots of people have been asking him for advice and he has been elected by the community to serve on the local council. This young man has come a long way in a short time!

Securing his mother's future

Godfrey has also encouraged his parents to live well and live wisely. ‘My father has just received his retirement money and I asked him if he would use part of the money to formalise his marriage to my mother,’ explains Godfrey. ‘Now she has a marriage certificate she will inherit my father’s land and belongings if he passes away before her.’

Godfrey is a great example that we should never give up on anyone – people can, and do, change!