Amigos Farming Group leader, Petra Ocen, recently attended a training workshop at Kira Farm. One element of the training focussed on conflict resolution – something that would be key to eradicating the unhappiness in Petra’s life.

A Marriage on the Rocks

‘I’ll be honest with you, before I came to the training my marriage was on the rocks,’ explained Petra. ‘My husband and I have never communicated well. At the workshop I learnt that if you treat your husband like a slave, he will treat you like a slave in return.’

During the training Petra was fascinated to discover that the Amigos staff treat their spouses with respect. ‘That’s when it dawned on me that I was the problem – I was causing my husband to always fight with me,’ explains Petra.

When Petra returned home she decided to change her behaviour and act in a loving fashion towards her husband. They haven’t argued for the last three months.

Harmony leads to good harvests!

‘Since we began living in harmony together we have started working together well too,’ smiles Petra. ‘We planted an acre of soya beans, using the conservation farming techniques taught to us by Amigos.’ As a result, Petra and her husband have enjoyed a bountiful harvest, making a profit of £120.

With the new business skills she acquired at the workshop, Petra has decided to invest this money into two goats and 15 chickens as part of a small business venture. We look forward to hearing what happens next!