The dark days:

'My mother died when I was young and my father was shot by rebel soldiers while he was working in the field. As the oldest sibling, I was left in charge of my four younger siblings. I was so sad and lonely- I wanted to die.'

'When the rebels raided our village, I didn't run with everyone else, I remained and begged them to kill me - but they didn't', explains Beatrice. At the time she lived with her aunt, younger siblings and four cousins but she found life very hard. She continues, 'I was full of anger and hatred and thought often about committing suicide often.'

The only reason Beatrice did not kill herself was because of the stigma it would bring to her siblings. 'Nobody would marry them and they would be alone.' 

A golden opportunity:

Even as Beatrice went to Kira Farm she was thinking of death but, soon, the hatred lifted. She learnt to see hope where before she only saw darkness and despair.

‘When I saw how beautiful Kira Farm was, I wished that I could bring all of my siblings there! Everything was so beautiful, and I knew that I would never be able to describe it to them without them seeing it with their own eyes.'

'Kira training gave me a purpose to live; and before long I understood that God loves me and has a plan for my life’.

A dramatic change:

'Before I went to Kira, everything I saw at home looked dead or hopeless. Now I see these same things as an opportunity to improve life for my family and me. My hatred of farming meant that I didn’t get good results but applying the skills I learnt from Farming God’s Way, I have seen mind-blowing results!'

Beatrice learnt many skills at Kira Farm and since leaving she has been doing tailoring work in the village. She made £45 from this and applied her new business skills to start a small business selling petrol to people with motorbikes. Usually, motorcyclists would have to ride for an hour and a half to get fuel. Now they buy petrol from Beatrice instead. She proudly tells us 'This has doubled my income, and by next year I am confident that I will be able to send some of my siblings to school.'

'I am now so happy; I no longer of taking my own life because there is something positive that I want to achieve every morning when I wake up.'