Support Kira Farm 

Regular donations offer us security; they allow us to plan for the future and make sure that every young person who passes the threshold of Kira Farm has the very best chance of thriving.

By setting up a regular donation for as little as £5 a month, you can help Kira Farm Development Centre train 50 young people annually.

Every penny you give will go directly into training young people to become self-sufficient through vocational training.

You can support Kira Farm by making a one off or regular donation of any amount; every penny will go to supporting Kira Farm and make a lasting impact on precious lives - thank you. 

Sponsor a Kira Farm Trainee

"I have been told that you will be sponsoring my vocational training at Kira Farm this year. Receiving this news has made me feel loved. Thank you so much for your loving heart... I have always dreamt of a place like this, with big hopes for a brighter future."  Patrick

Trainee sponsorship is a great opportunity for a family, business, church, school or club to be involved with a Ugandan's life by sending emails/photos and enjoying their progress and transformation journey out of poverty and despondency. 

You can sponsor a Kira Farm Trainee for £500 a year (£42 a month). Alongside the knowledge that you are transforming lives,  you will:

  • receive a photo and profile of a Kira trainee
  • be sent monthly emails and photos showing your trainee's progress
  • have access to Kira Farm’s email address to stay connected and encourage your trainee
  • be able to hold a Zoom or Skype meeting direct to Kira Farm
  • have the opportunity to visit Kira Farm

The impact of sponsoring a Kira Trainee is far reaching; upon graduation, each trainee returns to their community where they share their newfound farming and communication skills, set up their own business and employ others. 

Sponsor a trainee - choose a one-off payment of £500 for the year, or monthly payments of £42 

"We love sponsoring Kira trainees, we know that it really makes a big difference to each trainee to have a sponsor.  We love getting our update emails each month, and it is a joy to read how they ‘grow’ in so many ways throughout the year. We can also write back, and value the relationship that is formed with each of 'our' Kira trainees."  Mr & Mrs R

"We visited Kira Farm to observe this incredible program offered to young disadvantaged adults first hand.We were so impressed with the results it was producing that we have been sponsoring trainees ever since.Each month the students update us with their progress and what they have achieved, and it is wonderful to hear of their transformation as they work through the various programs at Kira Farm. The students value our encouraging emails and we are blessed by theirs.This communication only confirms to us that the money we invest in these young people's lives is extremely worthwhile. If you are looking for something worthwhile to support … this is the one."  Mark and Robina. Queensland, Australia