When you switch on your Christmas tree lights, why not switch on the lights for a whole village in Uganda?

With your help, we want to provide solar power for 1700 people in Gulu this Christmas.

Power up a village this Christmas!

For every pound you give, our generous supporters, Ilfracombe Rotary Club and St James’s Place Charitable Foundation, will give one pound more.

Thanks to match funding, if you give £35 towards solar power, your donation will be doubled to light up a family this Christmas.

A solar starter kit contains 3 solar lights, a USB charger and solar panel - providing power and light for a household of up to 7 people.

Match funding is available up to a record £7000 – hurry before it runs out! 


Your donation will help us to buy complete solar packs which contain a solar panel, three solar lights, a radio, a torch and a USB phone charger. However, the impact that just one light has on a household in Uganda is incredible. Take a look at the calculator below to see how many lives could be lit up by each light.

What difference will a solar power pack make?

  • SCHOOLWORK: With light children can do their homework after dark, avoiding the use of toxic kerosene lamps.
  • BUSINESS: With power families can charge phones, run businesses and use mobile banking.
  • SAFETY: Carrying a light will protect women and children from assault when collecting water.
  • FARMING: With power farmers can use a radio to find out about weather patterns and crop prices.

100% of your donation will go towards solar power packs

“My children are failing their exams because they can’t study after 7.00pm when it gets dark. Having light would change our lives.” Jennifer, Gulu.

Children doing their homework by a toxic and expensive kerosene lamp