How to set up a fundraising page

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...and fund a borehole! Only 100 available. Shop and save lives.Read more


James and Dave are cycling 1000 miles around Lake Victoria!Read more

Our team in the UK

At Amigos we run a tight ship with just four staff members (three of whom are part-time). We are fortunate to be blessed with a small army of highly skilled volunteers who keep our running costs low, ensuring maximum funds can be ploughed into our projects in Uganda.Read more

Support a Project

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CONSERVATION FARMING: supplying small scale farmers with the training they need to grow their way out of poverty and hunger.Read more

Child Sponsorship Impact

Child Sponsorship helps children, families and communities in poverty unlock a brighter future.Read more


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World Changers

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Bicycles enable rural communities to fetch water, access markets, increase their income and reach health clinics and schools.Read more

Business Skills

We provide training in conservation farming which enables families to multiply their crop yields. Once they are eating well they are encouraged to think about the next steps to truly lifting themselves out of poverty.Read more

Community Development

Increasing crop yields, food, income, education, clean water, and health.Read more


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How child sponsorship works

Our innovative Child Sponsorship programme improves food, income, health, clean water and harmony for the whole family.Read more

Kira Farm's Innovations and Technologies

At Amigos we’re always looking for simple and creative ways to improve life. The environmentally friendly technologies below are just some of the practical devices the trainees learn about at Kira Farm. When they graduate and return to their villages these young people pass on the knowledge and skills they have acquired.Read more

Kira Farm Development Centre

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What's involved

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Fundraising ideas

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Kira technologies

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Kira innovations

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