From laughingstock to student AND teacher!

Daniel's confidence was shattered when he grew up in the shadow of his father's disgrace. He turned to alcohol and brought further shame on his family's name. At Kira Farm he blossomed - his life is transformed and he is now a student and teacher. Read more

Blessings Even in a Pandemic!

Covid wasn't all bad news - Fatima tells us of her unexpected blessings - five of them! Read more

Blessings even in a pandemic!

"I have never seen the village mango trees with so much fruit on them. We have all been overwhelmed with mangoes just when we need food the most." Read more

I Cannot Hide My Joy At The Gift You Have Given Me

I cannot hide my joy and excitement for the gift of sponsorship that entered into my family. This has been most kind of you. Read more

A Load Off My Shoulders

“I had lost hope of my child to study because I did not see any future as I did not have the potential.... I wish you were in Uganda, I would dance for you our traditional dance." Read more

Top 10 tips for writing to your sponsored child!

Hit a writing block? Get inspired here... Read more

Child Sponsorship FAQ

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, but you might find some answers to your questions here Read more

Write to your sponsored child

Write to your sponsored child online Read more