A golden opportunity

Before I went to Kira, everything I saw at home looked dead or hopeless. Now I see these same things as an opportunity to improve life for my family and me. Read more

The Hated One

Read more

Building A Brighter Future

Growing up, J often went without food and experienced violence in the home. After she was brutally raped and left pregnant, this precious young woman lost all hope for the future. However, a year at Kira Farm restored her faith in God and gave her the confidence and ability to transform her life, and the lives of her family. Read more

From Reject to Role Model

Gloria came from an abusive home and faced stigma and isolation in her community. After one year at Kira Farm she is now a role model in her village. Read more

Strangled and left for dead

When Betty lost everyone who was dear to her, she no longer cared about her own life and says she was simply looking forward to death. After 12 months at Kira Farm she is determined to live a long life! Read more

'I can't stop smiling!'

‘I will never forget the day I found my mother dead in her bed with my baby brother suckling at her lifeless body,’ says Henry. Henry’s father had beaten his mother to death. Read more

Only worth a dowry?

'I simply existed to pay for my family's needs by getting married and providing a dowry for them,' says Teddy. Thanks to the training Teddy received at Kira Farm Development Centre she now has a thriving business which is worth far more to her family than a dowry ever would have been. Read more

A Cursed Family

Eunice endured a difficult childhood with an abusive and alcoholic polygamous father; while her mother occupied the lowly position of ‘second wife’. Read more

The Gulu Feminist!

Morris is working in partnership with his local female MP to train 18 women in his community in tailoring – a skill he learnt at Kira Farm. He was inspired to help women after his own mother became mentally unstable when the family’s assets were seized by the bank. Read more

From Desiring Death to Embracing Life

Today Haron is a successful construction worker, he has set his brothers up in business, he is paying for his sister to go to school, and is helping his father battle alcohol addiction. Life looked very different 18 months ago when Haron told us, ‘I wished to die a thousand times.’ Read more

Peace and Prosperity

Today Kira Farm graduate, William, is teaching restorative justice in his community and has reduced drinking amongst young people in his village. He is training the community in tree planting and is about to harvest his own profitable cotton field. Read more

Elected Youth Leader Inspires His Community

Orphaned at a young age, Daniel and his siblings were left to fend for themselves; forced to live with grandparents who resented their existence. Read more

Escaping Domestic Violence

Miriam endured a life of domestic abuse at the hands of her brothers, and later her husband. At Kira Farm she acquired the skills and strength to confront her abusers and today she helps other young women in the same situation. Read more

Free from Fear

Olivia’s father was a soldier from Tanzania who came to Uganda to overthrow Idi Amin. Although the Tanzanian army helped Uganda, they had a reputation for brutality and were known for committing rape and murder. Read more

From Suicide to Success

When Ahmed's parents died in a car crash his life went off the rails. After a year of vocational training at Kira Farm, Uganda, he is now a model member of his community! Read more