Blessings Even in a Pandemic!

Covid wasn't all bad news - Fatima tells us of her unexpected blessings - five of them! Read more

A Community Transformed

Pastor Frederick lost both of his parents to malaria when he was just 14 years old. While he was fortunate to be cared for by relatives, they didn’t have enough money to send him to school. Read more

Running out of poverty

Jackson is a very happy farmer! He has received training in conservation farming techniques and is benefitting from the brand new Amigos Millers! Read more

Clean water combats domestic abuse

Life can be challenging for a young mum – particularly in remote areas. Ruth from Kiyenje village, Masindi, used to walk 10 km every day in search for good drinking water, with her small baby on her back. Read more

The Granny who walked 3460 km a year!

Anna used to walk 10 km every day to reach a good water source – that’s 70 km a week, 280 km a month, and 3460 km in a year. Read more

Pedalling out of poverty

When Evelyn received a bicycle she quadrupled her business profits which meant she could pay for her kids to go to school - and even take them there on the back of her bike! Read more

'I had parked my thinking'

Every day Matthew and his family would dig their land in Uganda without any planning, they simply lived day to day, growing just enough to survive. Everything changed when Matthew received training in business skills and conservation farming. Read more

'A Veil Was Removed From My Eyes'

Growing up in rural Uganda in abject poverty, Godfrey turned to alcohol. After receiving training in business skills he turned his life around and has even become a local councillor. Read more

From Gang Members to a Godly Crew

When everyone else was working hard in the fields, Francis would be drinking. He was part of a gang called 'Bad Minds' who would commit petty crime in the village. Read more