Access to clean water is a prevailing issue in Uganda and 67% of the rural population lack this basic human need. Women and children walk miles to collect water and return home with heavy jerry cans for their families. It's a chore that consumes hours of their day. Hours that should be spent on education and income-generating activities to lift themselves out of poverty. Worse of all, often the water they laboriously collect is not safe to drink or hygienic for washing. 

Amigos work to construct boreholes in its target communities with the cooperation of local experts and community members to ensure the most sustainable solution. So far, over 100,000 people have access to clean water because of Amigos' clean water projects, and we want to take it a step further this Christmas. 

Give a Gift of Water

This Christmas Santa wants to build a borehole in Masindi, Uganda, but his elves aren't up to the job and he can't do it alone!

Will you help Santa provide clean water for 8000 people and make this Christmas sparkle?

Double your donation! Ho ho ho!

Every £1.00 you give will be doubled by our generous match funders, Wilmslow Wells for Africa.

£30.00 will provide clean water for 30 people.

£50.00 will provide clean water for 50 people.

£100.00 for 100 people – you get the idea!

Clean water is life

It’s simple - clean water saves lives, improves school grades, increases income, empowers women and boosts the health of the community.

What's the rush?

Santa keeps eating mince pies and if we leave it any longer he’ll never get out of his grotto!

Match funding is available up to a total of £4500, so hurry before it runs out!

Your support will provide a life-giving gift that will last long after the Christmas decorations come down.