Water jars allow these kids to go to school!

Akilero, 33 and his wife Nusula, 27, recently had a rainwater harvesting jar built for them by Kira Farm trainees and students at Braunton Academy and South Molton Community College.

The couple have four children, a cow and two goats, which means they need at least 60 litres of water a day. They regretfully wake their children up at 5am to fetch water before they go to school – mum and dad are busy at that time with other essential jobs.

‘I hate waking the children up so early because they need their sleep, but we can’t live without water,’ explains Nusula.

‘I am ashamed that my family looks dirty but it’s difficult to fetch enough water for us to live, let alone for washing too. I think one of the reasons we keep falling sick is because we can’t keep clean,’ she adds.

Once the jar is finished this family will find it much easier to keep clean and stay healthy – making a big saving on medicine each month.

‘If we don’t have to keep buying medicine all the time I will be able to send my children to school every day – some days they don’t go because we can’t afford it. Plus they won’t have to get up in the dark when they should be sleeping, which is wonderful!’ smiles Nusula.

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