Kira into Rural Uganda

Community-Driven Development

At Amigos we empower people in poverty using practical, tangible and innovative solutions. We don’t believe in quick fixes, our work is sustainable and run by local people. Last year we impacted over 9600 lives through projects in water, conservation farming, vocational skills and micro-finance.

Conservation Farming Groups
Conservation Farming Groups

These groups enable rural subsistence farmers to increase their crop yields up to four-fold with new environmentally-friendly farming techniques. What does this mean? Families don't go to bed hungry, parents can pay school fees and households can access medicine.

Water: The Facts

Why does Amigos care so much about water? Access to clean water means kids get better grades at school; it protects children from physical danger when fetching water alone, and it reduces deforestation. And that's just for starters...

Water for Communities
Water for Communities

There are different ways in which Amigos is providing clean water to villages, depending on what is most suitable for the area. From wells to rainwater harvesting tanks, and bio-sand water filters to tippy taps, there are many smart, effective, means of improving a community's access to water.


At Amigos we provide microfinance (soft loans) to people in the community via our KiRU programme, and also to the graduates of Kira Farm Development Centre. With a small loan, people in poverty have the ability to begin transforming their own lives, slowly and surely. It is development with dignity, not charity.

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